Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thoughts from the Inner Realm: Soul Mate Love

Thoughts from the Inner Realm: Soul Mate Love: Soul Mates .   Two powerful words that conjure images of an ideal, everlasting love replete with romance and effortless connection. We ...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Soul Mate Love

Soul Mates.  Two powerful words that conjure images of an ideal, everlasting love replete with romance and effortless connection. We grow up on songs, fairy tales and other myths depicting the soul mate love as the perfect setting to fulfill our needs and desires.  This type of relationship becomes a transaction designed to give the partner what they believe themselves to be missing.But these mythologies perpetuate suffering by idealizing the perception that we are not whole and that our happiness depends on external fulfillment from one perfect mate. 

What then, does the concept "soul mate" truly reflect?  

According to divine spirit, a soul mate can be your friend, lover, child, spouse, teacher, doctor.  Yep – anyone! Romance is not implicit within the concept.  A soul mate means that you and another soul are related by a vibrational code emanating from a soul group.  Translation: you are soul family. All souls are created by Source (G-d, the Creator, Divinity…)within a massive cluster which then separates like cells into individual souls.  A soul group is a cluster of souls created at the same time with whom you share an energetic imprint.  You will feel an ease or familiarity with soul mates.   

But soul mate relationships are not more sacred than any other.  All relationships are opportunities for soul evolution, expression and realization.  These connections allow us to discover our deepest truths, capacities for love, connection, forgiveness, passion and creativity.  When you approach all relationships as a sacred encounter, you will discover the grandest places within yourself and all of your self-imposed limits to intimacy and thriving. 

Soul mate connections and all relationships can be romanticized.  
But romantic love, although exciting and potentially passionate is not the quantifying expression of soul mate love.  A soul mate connection’s ultimate mission is to reveal and uphold the immaculate concept of the self and therefore all life.  Not from the ego-state (aka ideal perfect person) rather from the soul (aka pure divine essence). When one enters into the sacred connection from this perspective, one is not seeking to get his/her needs fulfilled.   Rather, she is seeking to bring through the highest expression of self and the other at every turn. This allows each partner to step into his/her innate exquisiteness in every possible way.  This type of  relationship allows for both individuals to grow personally and spiritually.  

Immaculate concept:  the intentional visualization of the divine essence or sacred blueprint of a person, idea, circumstance that allows its highest potential to be realized. By holding this highest truth with consistent intent, the individual will experience alchemy at the soul level, translated as healing and freedom 

When we view relationships from a transaction model or the “are you able to meet my needs” belief system, we ultimately perceive our partners as bringing us the missing parts to fulfill our destiny or we perceive him/her as blocking us from our healing, development and truth.  The partner is then seen as an ally or antagonist to our process.  When we step into the sacred potential that relationships truly hold, we bring our divine essence to the party without focusing on what we are getting or missing: we show up as a whole being nurturing and discovering exquisite evolution of self, other and creation. 

Soul mate love exists.  It is real.  But it is not the thing of love songs, fairy tales and epic films.  It exists as a sacred opportunity for spiritual evolution and soulful expression nurtured through the willingness to show up, one day at a time, with full compassionate presence. 

Spiritual evolution…soulful expression…compassionate presence…...perhaps there’s a country song in there somewhere.

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Time of Great Change: Walking the Path of Miracles

We are at a time of great change upon the earth within human consciousness as we now know it.  The highest vibrational frequencies of love and light are more easily accessible to human consciousness now.  These waves of light are moving through all of us and changing us from within.  This shift has been occurring over time and has accelerated over the past two decades picking up a momentum so that more of human consciousness is aligned with higher frequencies than ever before on the planet earth.  This shift is at times referred to the alignment of the 4th and 5th dimensions and thinning of the veils.  These dimensions have been accessible to human consciousness from its inception but are now easily accessed by the masses.  This means most humans will experience an uplift in vibrational energies that will include increased sensitivities to subtle energies including: 
  • awareness of psychic phenomenon; 
  • expansion of benevolent feelings;
  • energy moving through the body like heart opening;
  • a more power pull to fulfill one’s soul purpose; 
  • a deeper need for fulfilling relationships;
  • change in eating habits;
  • a completion of relationships that do not match soul intentions.   
  • Dreams may be more vivid and direct; 
  • telepathic experiences will increase;
  • emotional sensitiveness may heighten or transmute readily; 
  • feeling ungrounded, unsteady or shaky as energies accelerate;
  • creativity may expand; 
  • ideas will broaden; 
  • paradigms will shift.  
  •  Many will sense or see spirit with great facility. 
  • and more...

This is all by divine design.  All beings existing on the earth at this time, chose to be part of this uplift in consciousness. You are one of those!

You are part of an awakening.  This can be translated into many forms of understanding.  The veil is thinning, duality and the middle world is collapsing.  Another way of stating this is that humanity is shifting from being an ego-driven species into a heart centered species.  The heart is the higher gateway to experiencing connectivity with Source, Spirit and one another.  The heart's language is intuition and compassion. The heart and the crown are aligning into a channel of knowing allowing for greater intuitive experiences for all people.  This gives more people access to deeper meaning, fulfillment and connection to all life beyond the material world alone. 

How does one adjust to these frequency changes? 

1)      Accept that it is here.  It is happening and your acknowledgement of this will allow it to happen with greater ease.  These vibrational changes do not require your belief in them to manifest.  These energies are being stepped down into the human experience to bring increased rates of joyful creations through love into the human experience. Breathe into this shift; it’s by divine design and therefore meant only to serve your highest good. 

2)      Attune to the higher energies through deliberate practices that ease your way.  Meditation, chanting; mindfulness exercises, creative visualization and prayer will support you.  Yoga; Tai Chi; Qi Gong; Conscious Dance, massage and physical exercises that uplift you, will also help.  Creative expressions (drawing, painting, singing, cooking, etc); writing; collages are means for supporting these changes. 

3)      Listen to your intuition.  Pay attention to what your heart and soul are telling you.  Listen carefully to the whispers from spirit and within your being that are urging you to make changes and take action.  These messages are guiding you into a new experience that is here to uplift, empower and enrich your life.  

4)      Let go.  Your soul is eager to lead the way but your mind or ego may resist change. Imagine taking in a deep breath and holding it for a long, long time.  How does that feel?  You are used to letting go all the time.  But your mind likes to perceive letting go as something to fear.  It is natural to breathe in and out of the changes that soul seeks to experience.  During this time of change, you will be urged to release everything you have created from your ego.  This is not a bad thing but the ego likes to cling to status quo by design.  The longer you hang on to what no longer fits your soul’s truth, the more you will suffer - like holding your breath.  If you move with your soul’s need to shift, these changes will happen naturally.  What you resist will bring about more dramatic experiences of change.  So ease into it.  Begin by clearing clutter from your home.  Make lists of what you have and don’t want in your emotional, mental, and spiritual life and then write down what you do want.  Let go of what no longer serves you because it is leading you into that which will!

5)      Trust.  You are always supported in living the highest, most fulfilling life possible.  This is a divine truth.  You are never set up to fail or suffer.  Your ego never understands these truths. Resistance to change or holding onto the ideas of yourself and life that limit you will cause you great emotional pain.  This is a time of knowing that divinity is seeking to expand through your willingness to allow it.  By doing so, you are being supported in realizing your greatest potential within this lifetime. 

6)      Access Divine Help!  The support for you is real.  That includes divine helpers and loved ones in spirit who are truly motivated to uplift you into a path of soulful living.  Soul living is an intuitive experience that transcends your mind’s ideas for you and your life.   Angels, spirit guides and loved ones are seeing the bigger picture of your life and working to assist you in making choices that will bless you and all concerned.  

7)      Love not fear.  Fear is the dominion of the ego.  It is its stronghold.  Fear dictates all choices from the ego and motivates individuals into feeling small, trapped, isolated, broke, depressed, anxious, separated from Source, spirit and one’s own divinity.  Love is the essence of the soul.  It is the frequency that bridges you to Source, Spirit, innate divinity and the whole of existence.  Love is not a sentimental energy of preferences and conditions.  Divine love is an energy that surpasses romantic notions and brings forth unconditional compassion and positive regard for all life.  It is non-judgmental; allowing one to be present to whatever is.  It opens you to creative potential in any given moment.  It is accessed through aligning heart with the higher mind and seeing life through “divine eyes”.  It is an energy that heals, empowers, uplifts, inspires and transmutes whatever is present.  It is the vibrational currency of the new dimensions in which we are finding ourselves and the gateway for miracles to manifest. Love is accessed through conscious presence. 

8)      Discover nature.  Take time to be outdoors in nature as much as possible.  When you step into the fold of nature, your energy field expands into its natural state.  The energy field within and surrounding your body collapses when you work indoors and under fluorescent lighting.  It shrinks or tightens when you are aligned with your ego.  Your energy field needs to breathe and rejuvenate.  Being around trees, breathing in fresh air, experiencing direct sunlight, noticing the beauty of your surroundings will clear and help your energy elevate more easily.  Get outdoors and absorb the Prana – life force – that is ever present. 

9)      Have fun.  This is happening.  You are shifting into a multisensory being.  You’ve always been that but all humanity is awakening to this reality.  Enjoy the process.   Notice what you are experiencing and witness this shift with the curiosity and awe of innocence.  Your children may see spirits; hear divine messages; experience increased sensitivities; have past life recall – listen to what they are telling you and discover their innate abilities with them.  You and they were born for this.    

The world is not coming to an end.  But the ego is seeking to be released as the dominant force of human consciousness.  Soul is moving into the driver’s seat.  Its language is intuition.  Its frequency is love.  Its pathway is blissful creation.  And when you acknowledge this is happening; attune, align and allow these higher frequencies into your daily life – you will walk the path of miracles. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thoughts from the Inner Realm: Free Yourself

Thoughts from the Inner Realm: Free Yourself: T o transcend limitations and step into a path of authentic soulful freedom you have to release patterns of thought, feeling and acting...

Free Yourself

To transcend limitations and step into a path of authentic soulful freedom you have to release patterns of thought, feeling and acting that bind you to a painful past.  Whenever we have experienced betrayal, disappointments and hurt our thoughts and emotions about these situations will either continue to create suffering or open us to untapped gifts within our soul.  How you approach these scenarios of life determines whether you are exiled from your true self or open to your soul’s highest potentials.  You hold the key.
Radical acceptance, compassion and forgiveness toward whatever has arrived in your life will shift you from the cords that tether you to the unhealed energy of a past that truly came to liberate you.   Imagine if you shifted from reacting to whatever has happened – no matter how horrifying the trauma may be - into a state of complete compassionate acceptance that it has arrived to open you to a potential soul power designed to uplift and empower you! 
When we react toward situations with resentment, resistance or avoidance, this energy locks us into a cycle of suffering.  Whatever exists within us will create for us, whether or not we actively participate in that process.  Our unconscious inner world will be revealed to us in our outer world without exception.  We may judge whatever painful scenario shows up as bad luck or karma; or a fate to which we are bound.  But it is this very perception that separates you from your soul’s true creative power, joy and love.  It ties you to the traumas of life rather than the essence seeking to heal and evolve beyond such suffering.
Free yourself today.  Make a decision to liberate yourself from the toxic perceptions, beliefs and patterns that keep you exiled from your soulful heart.  Choose to see that there is a gift within each circumstance you have experienced or ever will encounter.  These gifts can only be unwrapped when you accept boldly what is; compassionately tend to whatever shows up in response and then open to the power within your soul that is seeking to be unleashed. 
Radical acceptance is not an act of acquiescing to suffering.  It is a bold commitment to presence that allows you to respond to life from a divine perception.  Your soulful witnessing of any circumstance allows the highest divine gifts of every moment to be realized.  

Practices that heal
1.     Write a letter expressing all the pain, grief and resentments you’ve been holding onto.  Don’t judge what you write or feel. 
2.     Sit mindfully, breathe deeply into your body and elongate your exhale.  Do this several times and then call light to yourself.  Allow this light to radiate into every cell of your being.
3.     Call in your higher self.  Feel into the essence of you, as a soul with no ego.  Simply allow this higher self to come into your awareness.  Set the intention “I am seeing all that I have written and/or experienced through my highest self now”
4.     State: I am willing to be free from all suffering associated with these circumstances. 
5.     Remember and state: I am never set up to fail.  I am always set up to thrive and discover my truest essence and creative loving power. 
6.     Ask compassionately: what is my soul seeking to express, discover or learn through this scenario?  I am willing to appreciate this situation through my highest self now?
7.     Ask compassionately: by holding onto a perception of this situation; a resentment or judgment of what has happened, how does this tie me to that person and/or experience?  What is the benefit of holding onto this perception?  What do I perceive losing if I let go of this perception and see this through my higher soul now?
8.     Ask compassionately: am I willing to release my perceptions of this situation and open to a higher perspective?  Notice what you feel, think without judging it.  If the answer is no, don’t judge this.  Compassionately tend to what shows up for you.
9.     Breathe deeply.  Am I willing to forgive all concerned here?  Am I willing to forgive myself for this experience? Am I willing to at least compassionately accept what is?  Don’t judge your responses.

10. Remember: when you are willing to experience the soul purpose for this situation, discover the healing and power it is seeking to bring through you, then it will stop repeating itself in your outer world.  And you will then tap into the innate power that is yours to experience and creatively express in this life.  You will retrieve your soul’s essence through this course of action. 
Accept what is.  See it and all concerned through compassion.  Remember; whatever shows up has a gift for you at the soul level. Choose to receive the soul gift within the situation – no matter how severe the circumstances may be.  Align with your higher self.  Discover and allow gifts to be felt and expressed into your life. Retrieve your soul power and live your life in ever increasing freedom, love and joy. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cliff Notes Version of Stop Trying and Be

For my friend Laura and all those who enjoy it simplified:

1.      Stop trying.  Trying is an ego action.  The ego compares you to everyone and everything and always makes you come up short or better than another. 

2.     You are not your mind, body, emotions or experiences. 

3.     You are a soul.  As a soul, you existed before you had this mind and body.  You will exist beyond this mind and body.  The real you is timeless divine essence.

4.     As a soul, you have limitless power to realize your potential.  You have access to bliss, health, love, grace by aligning with the truth of your essence rather than the identity confined to your mind, body and emotions.

5.     The soul lives in all dimensions of reality simultaneously.  That means you have access to infinite wisdom, guidance and all else. 

6.     Intuition is your soul’s language.  It communicates through your physical senses information that cannot be easily identified through the physical world.  Sensations that are not linked to a trailed thought; ideas that arise spontaneously; persistent messages that lead to empowerment, health and evolution; lyrics or words in a show you’re watching; deep sensation or knowing; dreams and so on.  Paying attention to these signs and acknowledging their significance will increase the frequency and usefulness of this communication. 

7.     Your purpose as a soul on earth, is to bring through your essence through your natural talents and interests.  Pay attention to what flows through you most easily.  It’s a clue to your purpose.  Soul only uses the most joyful, natural abilities to express its gifts.  It can express this purpose for great periods of time with no thought to time; it would do it for free; it evolves, expands and uplifts you when you allow these gifts to be expressed.  It empowers others too.  And it will always bless you prosperously with health, financial reward, peace of mind and deep fulfillment. 

8.     You have a choice.  To live on earth aligned with your mind and experience this place as an ongoing challenge.  Or to live life from your Soul. 

9.     Align with your Soul and experience and you will no longer have to try to be anything.  You are divine.   You are exquisite.  You are enough right here, right now.  You are infinite.  You are immutable essence.  You are capable of bringing light, love and bliss into the world through your natural talents, interests and everyday expressions.  You have the power right now, to live in perfect harmony with all that is.   

10.  Soulful living is an art.  Because you have a mind that believes in the physical reality as the ultimate truth, it takes practice to align and allow soulful truth to lead the way.  But when you do this, your life will express miracles beyond anything your mind can imagine.  Soulful expression blesses you and our world richly. 

Stop trying to be.  Let go of your mind’s ideas of YOU and open to the truth that you are a divine being of exquisite power.  You came to earth to enjoy, grow and contribute from your soul.  Thank you for showing up!